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My name is Darla Signs. As a mother of four grown children I have learned that variety and individuality are marks that contribute to the persons we are becoming from day to day.

I have been interested in jewelry, fashion, and semi precious & precious stones for years and even served as a silversmith's apprentice for a period of time. Although I loved this trade, I was already extremely busy raising four children and did not really have the time required to work at pursuing the trade.

After my children had grown up, I had more time to use working on creative projects - one of which is jewelry making. I began making my fashion pieces to wear with my own outfits. As I wore this jewelry friends began complimenting me on them and asking me where I got my jewelry. This helped me to realize that others too might appreciate unique jewelry that is not something you can find multiples of in a big box store.

When I discovered that I could sell my pieces online, I realized that now I could enjoy something I love to do while at the same time selling a few pieces on the web to help cover the expense of my hobby. I truly hope you find something in my collection that you find to be the perfect complimentary piece for one of your blouses, skirts, or outfits!

Darla Signs

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