Terms & Conditions

Seems like there always has to be a disclaimer somewhere. I am a custom jewelry maker, as a general rule, I do not keep any stock of merchandise; I make my jewelry to be unique from the items you can find in big box stores and large retailers that mass produce items.

Pricing is to let you know approximate costs, they will vary depending on the piece I create and is based on my costs and my time. Remember that as each piece is constructed individually by me, no two items will be identical (even if ordered at the same time). This is because beads, stones, and chain can vary in their appearance, color, and luster.

I use a variety if materials when I create my pieces. These materials include but are not limited to: glass beads, agates, jasper, cultured pearls, filled silver, sterling silver, garnet, nickle silver, copper, etc. The variety of materials enables me to create pieces in a variety of price points and with a variety of looks. There is no warranty on any of my pieces, but if you contact me about one of my pieces, I will be glad to let you know if there is anything I can do to help. Pricing and graphics are subject to change at any time. That’s about it. If you have a question please let me know.

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